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About Mikaila

Mikaila Simone Mack is a multi-talented artist and spiritual practitioner. She provides Astrology readings with a focus on artistic development and opens herself up to expression in all creative forms. To Mikaila, the spiritual journey forms and influences every bit of her creative journey. She was born to live, breathe, and create art. From birth, her mission on Earth has been to light up the world of the people she comes in contact with through her strong artistic abilities. From teaching astrology, to performing, filmmaking, photography, and writing, Mikaila feels the most comfortable when she’s creating work that inspires herself and others to discover a deeper sense of existence. She is a focused and dedicated individual who strives to discover the heights and depths of all of her creative and spiritual abilities. Join Mikaila as she becomes the first artist to reach for the stars and surpass them all. You won’t want to miss it!

Creative Background: Mikaila Attended Georgia State University for Theatrical Performance, where she fell in love with theatre and the art of filmmaking. Mikaila loves to create art that unsettles. She likes to “poke the bear” with her art in order start uncomfortable conversations. Mikaila has been acting since 2011, but has been making short films since 2020. Mikaila’s Photography has been published in Vogue Italia.

Astrology Background: Through searching for expansion through spirituality, Mikaila found Astrology in 2017. Since then, she’s been studying and deepening her knowledge through taking courses and offering readings for the past three years. Mikaila has conducted readings for those who are just starting off in their creative fields and celebrity clients who wish to pivot in their art.

Writing Background: After developing a passion for poetry in the sixth grade, Mikaila has written well over 800 poems and stories. Currently, Mikaila has two books published: lovely, deadly, black (2021) and returning home. (2022), with plans of writing more! Mikaila has been published nationally and internationally in articles relating to mental health and spirituality.

she speaks in colors that no longer exist.

words have lost their flavoring—

much like the rest of society’s expectations.

she doesn’t want to be possessed.

                                    only experienced.

                                    only cherished when she’s here.

                                    only missed when she’s gone.

she’s not sad, being alone—

                  it’s where she’s most free.

she doesn’t care to be cruel.

                  she only knows to be kind.

she only knows aggressive softness.

she only knows tearful beauty.

she only knows to feel. transform. transcend. transmute.

she isn’t who you think she is

and at the same time, she is exactly that.

she is happy with you. she is happy without.

she exists to live within herself. not without.

she is flawed and emotional. and she doesn’t always say the right words.

she is hurt. and she’s healing.

and she doesn’t care how long it takes.

she isn’t afraid to leave.

she goes where she is needed.

where she is respected.

where she is loved.

and though pain may follow her, she knows how to fight. protect. shield. confront.

she’s endless. she’s infinite. she’s a phantom of imagination. a ghost of fancy. a shadow of intuition.

she’s the first sculpture to ever change its own posture.

and she runs with the birds.

and evolves with the sea.

she changes with the wind.

and if you sprint fast enough, maybe

                                    you still won’t catch her.

(in living color, from “returning home.” by mikaila simone mack)

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