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Are You Ready for A Revolution? — Saturn in Aquarius

On Saturn Transiting through Aquarius

Greetings, Earthlings! Great change is upon us all! The change can be fun, scary, or revolutionary depending on how you seek to receive it. In Astrology, the study of how the movement of planets influence/correlate to human and natural life, the planets are always up to something. Some of these things can be a little mysterious (Pluto), shocking (Uranus), moody (moon), or just down right frustrating (Mercury in retrograde). But, Saturn is a little different from all of these, as it seems that when Saturn does something, it always ends up…karmic. 

What did Saturn do this time? 

Well, on March 21st, 2020, Saturn meandered its way on over into the zodiac constellation of Aquarius, leaving behind its more serious-yet-comfortable sign of Capricorn (Don’t worry, Caps, it’ll be back when it retrogrades from July 1st to December 21st of 2020). In Capricorn, Saturn was at home. With its history book in tow, Saturn taught humanity lessons on building businesses, creating structures, and strengthening capitalism…but all was not well because with the lessons being taught, governments around the world, and in a particularly backwards country that shall-not-be-named, the lessons were being corrupted to feed the wants of the greedy, while neglecting the needs of the majority. 

Saturn, being a planet that prides itself on mastering time, taking proper responsibility, giving out karmic lessons, teaching, and creating things that last and benefit us all, did not take too kindly to its teachings being skewed. So Saturn moved into the territory of the other zodiac constellation it rules — Aquarius

Where Capricorn is steadfast, traditional, and serious, Aquarius takes a different route to get its goals met — it revolutionizes. Aquarius, being considered the “Water Bearer,” of the zodiac, while also being co-ruled by Uranus in Modern Astrology, doesn’t do things “by the book.” Aquarius will take the trail-less-traveled and turn things upside down in order to complete its duty. 

Think about it — while Saturn was in Capricorn, Capitalism (which has been scrutinized repeatedly over the recent years) has thrived. Under Capitalism (which not a product of Saturn in Capricorn), the majority — or, poorer people — were sold the idea that working hard will help them receive the riches and wealth that the minority held and controlled. It saw people working 60–75% of their days away, before going home and spending the little money they earned on things that contributed more money to the wealthy.

 This kept many people from being able to save, start their own businesses, travel, and otherwise enjoy their life like the minority (the 1%-ers) so often do. This very point has left many angry. While celebrities flaunted their wealth, and rich people got attention for wasting money, raising prices on life-saving medicines, and exploiting their workers, lower class citizens were struggling and dying of diseases that could’ve been treated. The lower class became rightfully angry that their own humanity was routinely stripped away because wealthier people deemed them unworthy of basic necessities.

So, added with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a flu-like sickness that began sweeping its way through the world — and as Saturn moves into Aquarius — new structures are being put in place. As the days go on, several things have been happening simultaneously:

  • The American government is enacting a “Social Distancing” rule that requires people to stay at home, while the majority of businesses around the countries close — save for “necessary businesses.” 
  • Thousands of CEOs and high-ranking members of prominent companies have been stepping down from their positions as stocks plummet. 
  • American people are losing their sole means of income and their places to live are being threatened to be taken away. 
  • American people everywhere planning to withhold rent from landlords.
  • Celebrities singing songs, while people are fed up and angry, asking for donations instead. 
  • The healthcare, grocery, and other necessary blue-collar workers risking their lives to keep the country running. 
  • The American people are watching as their own government flails without a concrete plan to keep people safe and protected. 

It has become strikingly obvious that the way we were living before was due for a drastic change.

Saturn in Aquarius 

Saturn in Aquarius demands change. As the viral pandemic continues on and an economic recession looms closer, the flaws of the American governmental system are being exposed. However, unfortunately this is not the end. 

While Aquarius is a sign that revolutionizes, it is also sign that is highly concerned with groups as well. Saturn places restrictions everywhere it goes, so as “Social Distancing” becomes more accepted, it’ll soon lead to quarantine, and, possibly, a new way of life where American people are required to stay indoors. From now on, life the way it has been led before no longer exists. 

Change is upon us. 

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, it brought about the rise of the Internet. Before that, the Great Depression. Now, with people required to stay home, these changes are likely to occur:

  • More people will be running online businesses.
  • More restrictions are likely to be placed on the Internet. (i.e. traffic laws: “The amount of people on a website can’t exceed ___ amount.”)
  • Large groups no longer being able to congregate. 
  • Rise of online/virtual concerts. 
  • Fall of the traditional “celebrity,” rise of the more relatable and authentic social figure.
  • Paper money being digitized.
  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Robots taking over jobs that were once human-run. 
  • Life will be more focused on the authentic, rather than the unnecessarily ostentatious. 
  • Less talk about “Getting money, driving fast cars, etc” and more about what impacts day to day life.
  • New ways of entertainment online.
  • Rise of the virtual celebrity. 
  • Micro-chipping.
  • Everyone will own a camera that isn’t a phone. 
  • 3-D/4-D/5-D, holograms and will replace human interaction. 
  • New ways to discriminate based on internet access or followers (even more-so than now).
  • Going outside may be less acceptable/less desirable. 
  • Physical interactions may become less wanted. 
  • Interior decorating will rise. 
  • Competition shows based on decorating/designing a virtual reality world. 
  • More people will have their own gardens. 
  • People will move from the city to rural areas. 
  • Architecture changes to more high-tech buildings. 
  • People are more inclined to interact through internet than in person. 
  • A recession that changes the way we process, receive, and view money and financial status.
  • A raise for hospital and blue-collar workers.
  • More permanent or restrictive travel bans.
  • Rent will go down due to less people being willing to pay it.

The changes listed above — while only predictions — are examples of things likely to happen because the system we’ve all grown accustomed to is now outdated for us. It is time for something new. Something new doesn’t necessarily mean things will always be better or worse…just different. 

What can we do now?

With the American public growing angrier with the disregard from those in power, and as the restrictions on our freedoms get heavier and more uncomfortable, we will need to embody the Aquarian energy of revolution and demand the change we want.

Those aspects of Capitalism that we don’t like? Now is the time to band together to make sure it changes. Now is the time to demand better and more equal treatment for all — not just the wealthy. Why now? Because we have the support of Saturn in Aquarius. Because Saturn is karmic, any revolution that seeks to overturn outdated, oppressive systems will be greatly supported. 

Saturn Return in Aquarius

“Anyone with Saturn in Aquarius is ahead of the time by at least two generations.” Those with a natal Saturn in Aquarius — now is your time to lead. Your Saturn Return (When Saturn orbits around to the same place it was when you were born — you should be roughly 27–32 years old), is a time that matures you and pushes you to align with who you are meant to be in this lifetime. You were born with an innate ability to understand revolutionary ideals. You were born to lead humanity during this time. We are counting on you to lead humanity into a new era that is more accepting and beneficial to the working class citizen. Allow your inner-revolutionary to shine and create structures all of humanity can benefit from. You were made for this. As a tip, see which house Saturn is in in your birth chart to get an idea of what area of life you should focus on revolutionizing.

Last Words

Be prepared for change. The changes listed above may not become apparent or complete until Saturn leaves Aquarius March 7, 2023. Until then, be prepared to feel uncomfortable, be prepared to let the old go. The ones who are ready to adapt and embrace the new ways of life will be the ones who thrive in this new age. Think outside of every box you’ve ever known. In order to be successful in the coming age, you will need to think ahead of the curve, be authentic, and be adaptable to changes. 

Also, as humans, we need to find a way to connect to each other more authentically. Masks and fake appearances will no longer be helpful to our development as a species. If you are not able or willing to delve into what is real and leave behind everything else, you will not be able to advance in the way that you want. In order to get the change we deserve, we need to band together and demand it. Masks will not be allowed in the revolution. Leave them at home. You won’t need them where we’re going. 

As always, thank you for reading! I love you. If you like this article, please comment and share! Stay tuned for more astrological transit articles!

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