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Are You Ready to Follow Your Dreams? — Saturn in Pisces

On Saturns’ Transit through the Sign of Pisces + Saturn Return

Greetings again, Earthlings! Great lessons are upon us all! This time around, the lessons can feel mystical, unclear, and sometimes, downright confusing. In Astrology, the study of how the movement of planets influence/correlate to human and natural life, Saturn is the ruler of time, lessons, and restriction. On March 7th, 2023 until May 25th, 2025, Saturn will have switched signs from Aquarius to Pisces.

Saturn in Aquarius Overview

Since 2021, Saturn has been making its way through the Sign of Aquarius, bringing disruption and change in the areas of life where Aquarius lands in your birth chart. At the beginning of 2020 — the year the entire world stood still — I wrote an article about Saturn transiting through Aquarius. This transit brought about restrictions, isolations, and constant shifts — through COVID, travel, etc. A lot of us learned major lessons through the hardships and changes brought about by Saturn in Aquarius. It could’ve felt as if it was difficult to find your footing because things were so often uncertain.

Well, prepare for all of that to change…kinda. Because when it comes to Saturn moving into Pisces, things can feel a bit lighter and easier to move through (especially for any Saturn-ruled placements — Capricorn and Aquarius). But at the same time, in order for things to move in the direction you want, you’ll have to do something you’re most likely not too comfortable with doing…blindly trust your dreams.

Saturn in Pisces: The Ugly

Saturn is the planet that teaches lessons. Saturn, being a planet that prides itself on mastering time, taking proper responsibility, giving out karmic lessons, teaching, and creating things that last and benefit us all, wanted to help humanity by giving out lessons that help us to be more mature, dependable, and respectful of ourselves and others. During its transit through each sign, lessons pertaining to that sign come up to help each person clear out karmic debt, become a better version of themselves, or reveal areas that are unstable. With Saturn in any sign, sometimes these lessons and experiences can be harsh. Saturn in Pisces shows that the uglier side of Piscean energy needs to be dealt with in a way that heals and promotes transcendence. What is the uglier side of Piscean energy? I’m glad you asked.

The uglier part of Piscean energy often deals with loss, disillusionment, imprisonment, escapism, and self-sacrifice. Pisces is the sign of mystery. It casts a soft of film over life that serves to distort an image (often why Pisces is considered to be the ruler of things like glamour, film, music, delusion, etc). Pisces is also the last sign of the Zodiac. This is where everything that has been built up over the last 11 signs (think stability with Taurus, creativity with Leo, relationships with Libra, reputation with Capricorn, and rebellion with Aquarius, etc) crumbles and disintegrates. This is where things get absorbed and repelled in order to make way for new. This is a period of releasing.

So when it comes to facing the uglier side of Saturn transiting through Pisces, it’s important to hold this question in your mind: “What is present in my life that I need to release? What can I live without?” This isn’t to say you’ll lose anyone or anything (though it is sometimes inevitable). This is to say that Saturn’s intent when moving through Pisces is to strip you bare of the things that are not healthy for you: the things that cause illness, the things that cause you to feel stuck, the things that make you feel as if you can’t move forward, and the things that give you the illusion of being separate are the things that need to go. Now. So what does this look like?

Pisces rules over addictions. This can be a life-threatening addiction or an addiction to things that are seemingly harmless (i.e. addiction social media, to sugar, to escapism). So with this transit, you can find yourself in situations that force you to leave any illusions that keep you from being fully present with yourself behind. This transit can also show an increase in misplacing items — especially those of great importance. Because Pisces Rules over imprisonment as well, following the law will be very important during this time, because it’ll start to seem as if people are being arrested for “mundane” infractions.

Also, in the Zodiac, Pisces is the sign located directly opposite of the sign of Virgo. Where Virgo likes to keep things in place and is focused on routine and health, Pisces is the exact opposite. It’s focus is moreso on relaxation and going with the flow. It is usually the messier, less organized of the signs. Pisces also rules over illness, where Virgo rules over health. So with Saturn moving through this sign, it will be very important to focus on improving your health as much as possible. Since Pisces rules over hospitals, it’s very likely that there’ll be an increase in malpractice suits, leading people to want to seek out medical care on their own, in their own communities. Also, make sure to invest in adequate sleeping aids because Saturn can restrict the amount of sleep you get while in Pisces. Lack of sleep can contribute to illness.

Saturn in Pisces will show you all the ways in which you’ve been deluding yourself. Example: You thought scrolling on social media for hours on end didn’t harm you? Suddenly — you have irreversible eye strain from the endless blue light. You thought that the child you abused would always stick around? Suddenly — the child speaks up and charges are pressed against you. You thought you could get away with stealing one more time? Boom, felony charge. Saturn in Pisces brings an end to the things you thought you were getting away with. So, again, be careful.

Saturn in Pisces will show you ways to correct your mistakes before they become dire. Dire, meaning loss of life, loss of home, loss of reputation, etc — depending on where it is transiting in your chart. So with this, it’s important to be aware of the actions you’re taking and the things you’re speaking in existence for yourself. With this transit, quite literally anything can happen.

Saturn in Pisces: The Beautiful

Now, please don’t take the previous information to mean that Saturn in Pisces will be all doom and gloom. Quite the opposite. Saturn doesn’t always give out punishments, Saturn likes to reward when the lessons are learned and embraced fully. And when Saturn rewards, it can’t be taken away by anyone. So, Saturn in Pisces can be an incredibly beautiful experience as long as you do one simple thing: allow yourself to walk blindly.

Pisces is a sign that rules over mysticisms, mystery, illusion. It is a sign that creates confusion before clarity can be reached. With Saturn moving through Pisces there will be a need to find realism within the surrealism. Find comfort and stability within the energy that creates delusions. What exactly does that mean?

It means that during this transit, there’s a need to connect with the things that cannot be seen, felt, or sensed directly. There’s a need to connect to the parts of yourself that yearn for something more than the physical realm — the spiritual. Saturn moving through Pisces is asking you to be in tune with your intuition. It needs you to trust in the things you were taught to be skeptical of. This will require you to put your faith in things that cannot be proven by science, by the imperfection of humanity. Because while previous experiences brought a hyper focus on reality and placed an emphasis on what you can build, Saturn in Pisces would rather you pay attention to what you can dream.

Ask yourself — can you find comfort in the world that you dream about? Can you feel safe? Can you feel honored, and amused, and touched, and joyful? Or…do you run from the very things you wish to bring into reality? Saturn in Pisces is here to show you that you can make a reality of the things you imagine. So it is very important to pay attention to the mind and what it decides to focus on. Getting control over your mind will help you to have (a bit) of control over what manifests into your life.

Saturn in Pisces can bring new revelations and experiences when it comes to film, music, poetry, etc. This can show a new rise of creators wishing to make worlds from their inspirations, their dreams, their imaginations. Saturn in Pisces is asking you to dream bigger and to feel brave enough to step toward that vision you’re holding for yourself and the world around you. Saturn in Pisces is here to say that yes, you can make that dream a reality and it will show you how — just believe in it. Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. This means that while Saturn is in Pisces, looking to Jupiter can bring in more information to understand the energy of Saturn.

For the first four months of 2023 (keep in mind Saturn moves into Pisces March 7th), Jupiter will be in Aries. Jupiter is the planet of success and expansion. That means there will be a push to start something new once Saturn moves into Pisces. This will give you a lot of energy to create from your vision. Once Jupiter moves into Taurus starting May 5th 2023, you may start to see a bit of reward from the efforts you’ve put in.

Saturn in Pisces Predictions

The last time Saturn transited the sign in Pisces was in the early to mid 90s (1993–1996). Doing this time in popular culture, there were movies, shows, and musical artists that left an impact. These are pieces of work that have been talked about endlessly as staple from this time — a period of time often romanticized and glamourized. Movies introduced during this time were: Toy Story, The Lion King, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Friday, etc. Each of these films were monumental in their own right, having lasting influences on generations to come. Musical artists that debuted during this era were: Usher, Aaliyah, B.I.G., Oasis, Weezer, Daft Punk, Backstreet Boys, Jay-Z, etc. So with Saturn’s transit through Pisces, there can be a return to these sounds. There likely will be a strong revival of pop/punk/rock sounds that were popular during this era. In addition to this, RnB music can return back to its classic sound as well.

There’ll be a rise in new spiritual practitioners. You thought you heard about them before? No, they’ll reach new heights. Don’t be surprised when MANY of your favorite celebrities are not only talking about the readings they’ve gotten, but become practitioners themselves. You can see this happening here and there right now, but Saturn in Pisces will bring about a bit more respect for practitioners — in a way that allows for us to be widely accepted — not just considered a fad. This has already been in the works for the past few years, but once Saturn moves into Pisces, it’ll be a culmination of sorts.

As a direct result of this, be prepared for the backlash. There will likely be a restriction placed on those who practice spirituality openly. As in, a need to acquire certain licenses or meet requirements. There can be people being sued for the readings they’ve given. So for my fellow spiritual practitioners, it’ll be in your best interest to have a lawyer look through your business, if you haven’t already. There will likely also be a lot of large name practitioners denouncing spirituality and saying they “faked” it or will be called out for faking it. This can add to the fuel of a spiritualist hate train.

Here is a list of predictions for Saturn in Pisces — both Ugly and Beautiful:

  • Well-Known Practitioners being “exposed” for being fake.
  • Medication shortages.
  • Spiritualists becoming celebrities themselves (not just practitioner to the celebrity).
  • Lawsuits against spiritualists.
  • A fall in the amount of mainstream films being made.
  • As a result of the above, more people create “indie” films and make large profits from their work.
  • Indie filmmakers reach new heights.
  • Public opinion of big music artists turns negative, in a way that promotes small artists.
  • Hospital Shut downs.
  • Prison Shutdowns.
  • Prison secrets being revealed (mistreatment of inmates, etc).
  • Films exposing the medical field, prison complex.
  • Films geared toward mental health and spirituality.
  • More drug restrictions. Possibly a new lethal drug being introduced to the masses.
  • People deciding to live remotely.
  • A new non-covid related illness.
  • New restrictions on Only Fans workers, Adult Film industry, and other Sex Workers.
  • New viral diseases.
  • Masses in danger of losing homes, but deciding to fight back instead.
  • Social constructs start to dissolve (“Why do I need to behave this way if it doesn’t benefit me?”) en masse
  • Dissolution of things we once considered to be permanent.
  • Creation of laws and structures that promote “oneness.”
  • Metaverse becomes mainstream with a wide variety of users due to the nature of it promoting a sense of disillusionment and escapism.
  • People realizing the consequences and dangers of escapism. (“Florida Man attacks Neighbor because he believed he was still in the Metaverse VR”).
  • Films become interactive — start being shown in Virtual Reality headsets.
  • Film Renaissance.
  • More issues with sleep. There can be a new illness related to sleep.

The Saturn Return

A Saturn Return is when the planet, Saturn, orbits around the Zodiac back to the place it was located at the time of your birth. This usually takes around 27–32 years for Saturn to make a full transit around the Zodiac, so you can consider your Saturn Return to be a graduation into true adulthood. When Saturn returns back to the place it was when you were born, the lessons that Saturn has taught you throughout your 30ish years of living are rapidly integrating. This is a period of time of quick change through a series of challenges and rewards. A Saturn Return period usually lasts 2–3 years. These years can be the best years of your life or the worst, depending on how you take on the lessons of your Saturn. This is a period of time where some people have become homeless, while others are skyrocketed into fame (Steve Carell got his first role in a film in 1991, at the age of 29 — not a “skyrocket,” but a definite change of course). If you were born with a Saturn in Pisces, your Saturn Return starts March 27th, when Saturn enters Pisces for the first time in about 28 years. It ends May 27th, 2025.

Saturn in Pisces wants to show you the areas in which you’re losing yourself. Those born with their Saturn in Pisces often feel as if they’re sacrificing themselves to save another. It can feel as if they’re always putting themselves last. They put themselves beneath another and they actually feel good about doing it. They feel good about knowing they allowed someone to walk all over them without remorse…at least until they’re questioned about why they’re still in the same place in life that they’ve always been…or until the disrespect and disregard starts to build up and they start to victimize themselves, saying, “well, if this person didn’t do this, I would be in a better place by now.” However, the issue isn’t the other person, usually. This issue is the lack of boundaries.

Saturn in Pisces wants to teach the importance of boundaries. Those born with Pisces Saturn likely grew up in an environment where they were made to apologize when others wronged them. Or, they grew up in a place where their needs were overlooked, ignored, or placed last. They were taught that their value came from saving other people. These are the people who learn to become selfless before they learn who they are as a sovereign being. These are the people others rely on simply because they know anything can be asked and the Pisces Saturn will always oblige. These are the people who say, “no” and change their mind later, feeling too guilty to stand firm in that decision. These are the people who feel too much of everything. These are the people who know the impact suffering has on the spirit and will sacrifice themselves before anyone else ever has the chance to feel that way too. They are truly selfless individuals. And for that, there needs to be boundaries.

There needs to be a point where “no” becomes a full sentence, a full statement, a complete and total stop. These are the people who need to practice being selfish with their time and energy. If they don’t, by the time their Saturn Return becomes exact, they can start to feel impacts of harsh lessons mentioned above until they learn the lesson to put themselves first.

Another lesson for those with Saturn in Pisces is learning how to be still. Because Pisces is considered to be a mutable sign, Piscean Saturns are often always moving and absorbing the energy around them. They can become very sensitive to their environment. This can lead to them acting out in ways they usually wouldn’t, but because they don’t have strong energetic boundaries, they “go with the flow” and end up in situations that work against them. To combat that influence, they need to learn stillness. They need to know how to exist alone without the pressure to perform for other people. They need to learn how to exist in solitude so that in chaotic situations, they’re able to get back in touch with themselves in order to make decisions that’ll benefit them in the long run.

In all, Saturn in Pisces wants to remind you that you — more than any other person with Saturn in a different sign — have the innate ability to make your dreams real. You are the person who takes a vision and brings it to life. Where Saturn in Aquarius thrives when it comes to seeing the future, Saturn in Pisces thrives in making the visions of the future real. To do this, you’ll need to get in touch with the dreams you have for yourself. You’ll need to learn how to walk without needing to see. You’ll need to guide without knowing the next step. You’ll need to know that it is safe to trust your own imaginings, your own delusions. Because out of anyone, you are the one who can create a world all your own and not only live in it, but find joy in it. It is your mission to find complete and utter joy in the world you imagine for yourself.

Tips for Saturn in Pisces

These tips work for those who have Saturn in Pisces natally and for those who are just experiencing the transit.

  • Meditate: Pisces rules over stillness, meditation, and mindfulness, etc.
  • Find a spiritual practice: Helps keep a peace of mind.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Find alternatives to pharmaceutical medication: Shortages are likely.
  • Expand intuition: Develops trust in the unseen.
  • Daydreaming: Gain practice in visualizing.
  • Find new music/films that inspire you: Music and film are ruled by Pisces.
  • GROUND yourself daily: This transit can feel as if nothing is real because of how much the unthinkable happens.
  • Set firm boundaries: The things you’re too afraid to stand on will be the things you’re hurt by.
  • Create! Create! Create! The things that come from your imagination will be so beautiful during this time.

Saturn in Pisces — though it isn’t expected to be a completely easy transit — is one that can set you up for a life you’re excited to live. The only thing you’ll need to do is get comfortable with not knowing everything and get comfortable with stepping out on nothing but faith that you’ll be provided for. This transit is truly the transit that shows that miracles can happen. But of course, you’ll have to believe a miracle is possible first. This is the transit for you to truly learn how to trust yourself and take care of your own needs. Don’t be afraid to dream and don’t be afraid when you dream, because you don’t know what is bound to show up in your reality. Might as well believe in something amazing.

I offer Birth Chart Readings and Saturn Return Readings for those interested. Here is the link. The Saturn Return Reading will be based off the exact date that Saturn transits the same degree it was in at your time of Birth. Saturn Returns set the tone for the next 30 years (roughly) of your life and a reading will help to navigate that.

Thank you for reading. I love you.


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