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For the Love of Venus 

On Surviving Venus Retrograde in Gemini

In the beginning, there was only love. There was a love so pure, so deep, so real, only one object in existence could contain it — the planet Venus.

Venus, glowing with all it’s newfound energy of love — of compassion — at first found it difficult to understand all the energy. Venus didn’t know a love like this could exist. She had only known what it meant to exist in an instant, she didn’t know that there was a reason for her to be alive. So, with this energy now gifted to her from the ever-growing expansiveness of the universe, she began to mold this love into different forms, different shapes, different sizes, different categories, so that it can all fit comfortably inside her. With her pure love energy, she constructed wealth, luxury, beauty, art, creativity, sensuality, sustenance, and all the pleasures of the five senses, all the comfort of compassionate emotion.

Venus wanted to show her love at the highest vibration possible, so that all who chose to experience her could find healing, warmth, and acceptance, just as she did when she first discovered it.

But then, Earth’s humanity, with its young, sad souls, found a way to twist the purest love into things it was never meant to be — obsession, detachment, greed, compulsion, control, manipulation, heartbreak, heartache, and tears, oh, so many tears.

Venus became so upset, she reset herself, she backtracked, she slowed down. She gave herself time to rest, time to re-evaluate, time to recenter herself. She didn’t want to give up on humanity, she just wanted everyone to experience the purest love she had to offer, but sometimes, people would take her for granted. So during her times of rest — of retrograde — she would force humanity to think about what they’ve done. She forces humanity to think about the love they’ve experienced in their pasts and makes them measure it against what they know they deserve. She makes them repent for turning her grace into their greed, her compassion into their sorrow. She never wanted any of that. She just wanted to exist in an energy that was untainted.

Every 18 months, Venus finds herself taking a rest to fix the mistakes of humanity. It isn’t her job to, but she knows that if everyone could experience the true meaning of pure compassion, all the wickedness would eventually stop. This time, Venus will take her rest in Gemini starting May 13th. By the time her rest is over June 15th, she’s hoping humanity’s expression of love has improved. With her rest taking place in Gemini, the way humanity communicates their acts of love toward one another shall be revisited and healed for the years to come.

Venus in Gemini

Gemini, a mischievous sign, introduces a kind of lighthearted playfulness and charisma that some of the others signs lack. Also, Gemini has a tendency to lose interest quickly, always searching for things that are new to satisfy its extreme curiosity. Gemini is a highly intellectual sign, often knowing a lot about a variety of things and also knowing how to pick up subtle social cues that others may not. Gemini is also a sign that is all about community. Geminis know how to work their way around their city, they likely know all the nooks and crannies, the best places to eat, and what time the local drink spot closes. Driven by a sharp degree of common sense, and with a tiny sprinkle of recklessness, Gemini ensures that whatever it gets itself into, it will have the most fun and will make the best out of it.

When Venus transits through the sign of Gemini, there is an increase in people wanting to socialize with each other. This is because since Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury, which governs communication. Venus’s influence makes people love to talk, flirt, and mingle with each other. Gemini is often viewed as the life of the party and that’s simply because it lives to make sure life isn’t taken too seriously.

Retrograde Venus in Gemini

When Venus goes into Retrograde (Rx) mode, it isn’t going backward — however from Earth’s point of view it looks that way. What is actually happening is Earth is traveling faster than Venus, thus the retrograde period exists.

Where Mercury Rx indicates a time of reflection on plans and decisions made regarding communication, transportation, and technology, a Venus retrograde indicates a time where relationships people have with themselves, others, and money are examined and reflected upon.

With Venus Rx happening in Gemini, Venus is calling for humanity to pay attention to the way we communicate our love and the way we want it expressed to us. People have often gotten into relationships with partners they don’t know how to communicate with, and instead of continuously putting in effort to find ways to connect, they disconnect and disengage. People often try to fix or ignore their love issues through reckless means, such as cheating, having a baby, meaningless sex, starting pointless arguments, and detaching. With Venus Rx, it is showing you the consequences of these and its asking you to aspire for more.

Venus Rx is also here to show you how you waste money on items you don’t need. You’ll notice during this period that the things you buy come with a bit of buyer’s remorse. So, while you’ll likely have an increased urge to purchase items you swear you need, take a second to think about it fully. While you take the time to think, other options (that’ll most likely be better) will present themselves to you.

Another thing you may notice is the need to reinvent yourself. You may start to feel less confident in your looks and self-worth. With Gemini representing the Twins in the Zodiac, Venus Rx will show you a different side of yourself that you’ve been over-looking. You may want to change your hairstyle, change looks, change your artistic expression, etc during this time. With this being a Rx period, however, these kinds of reinventions tend to get off-track because they’re clouded by a feeling of not being enough, rather than an actual, healthy need to change yourself. So with the new haircut or hair color, you may find you regret it later, once Venus goes direct again.

With the quarantine and social distancing taking effect during this time, you’ll likely see more people going outside to socialize — disregarding rules put in place by the CDC. This is because when Venus goes Rx in Gemini, people get restless. As stated before Gemini is a sign about movement, recklessness, socializing, and community. With Venus in Gemini, people are realizing how much they love and miss connecting with others, so with the Rx, it amplifies this energy, making people feel anxious. People are determined to return (Venus Rx) back to their social (Gemini) lives. If there are any consequences of this, they are likely to be seen once Venus goes direct again.

This entire period is best used to reevaluate the way you feel comfort and express love. Retrograde periods are best used to go over things of the past, to make sure how to improve upon them in the future. You may see ex lovers coming back as well, as a test to see if you’re truly over the past.

To see how this transit specifically applies to you, check what house Gemini is in in your Chart. The things stated in this article can be made more or less true, depending on your chart.

Tips for Venus Retrograde in Gemini

  • Think about purchases multiple times before purchasing. You may find yourself having to return items, or you may find better deals later.
  • Don’t get into serious relationships during this period. What comes in now will very likely be gone by the time the Rx is over. You can flirt, just don’t take it too seriously. Have fun.
  • Don’t get married during this time. Communication of love is likely to be misunderstood.
  • Don’t buy expensive things.
  • Don’t make drastic changes to your appearance.
  • Do take this time to figure out what kind of communication you require in a healthy relationship.
  • Do ignore your exes.
  • Do explore your options in love, career, and items.
  • Do find multiple creative outlets to express yourself.
  • Do learn something new.
  • Do practice self-care and self-love.
  • Do watch your bank account because money can be easily and quickly spent during this time.

The Takeaway

Venus Retrograding in Gemini is a time to for everyone to come to a clear understanding of the things they value in love, life, and luxury. It is a time to realize that receiving the best things takes time, dedication, and an eye for the best deal. This isn’t a time to fear anything, just to review all the things you’ve found to be important up until now.

Venus requires that you become very clear on how you want to express your love and how you wish to show it to others. Once you are very clear on it and are willing to set up boundaries to protect it. you’ll be more likely to receive it.

Once Venus goes back direct on June 15th, if you’ve done the work this Rx requires, all the issues you’ve been struggling with or contemplating will seem easier to deal with. If not, you’ll realize you’ll have to go back to the drawing board once again.

As always, thank you for reading. I love you.

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