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So You Wanna Be Famous?

Popular Indicators of Fame in a Birth Chart!

So as I’ve explained in my ever-expanding “Astrology” highlight on my Instagram page, there are many things you can find out using a birth chart. 

“What is a birth chart?”

A birth chart, put simply, is a map of where the planets were located at the time of your birth. The locations of the planets are said to play huge parts in determining people’s personalities, life events, and practically anything you’d like to discover about a person. 

That includes fame. 

We all know why you’re here. You want to know if you’ll be famous. Mostly everyone does, or at least thinks about it from time to time. Before listing the most popular indicators for it, I want to be very clear about a few things:

  1. Just because you may have a few things in your chart, does not mean it automatically will happen. Just like all things, your efforts and circumstances have to align. 

  2. Just because you don’t have these things, does not mean it won’t happen. Once again, your efforts and circumstances have to align. 

  3. This is based off of celebrity charts. So these are things that occur the most often in people who reach stardom. 

  4. None of these are indicators of exactly how long you’ll be famous or to what extent. You can get 15 minutes of fame for a viral video of you falling down a trash chute. 

  5. There are very few charts that show someone is destined for fame. One of those charts is, coincidentally, Beyoncé’s. That woman was made for fame. I will explain why in this article.

  6. Fame does not equal success. Just because you don’t have fame indicators in your chart, does not mean you won’t be successful! 

  7. Let me say it again: Fame does not equal success. Just because you don’t have fame indicators in your chart, does not mean you won’t be successful!

  8. Don’t let any of these dash your hopes and dreams, this is for fun!

  9. This may get a little confusing, especially if you aren’t super into Astrology past normal horoscope stuff, so take your time and ask questions in the comment section below. I have no issues with answering your questions! (This does not mean I’ll read your birth chart for free. I won’t. If you’re interested, you can order a birth chart reading here.)

  10. Let’s get to it!

Fame Indicators in a Birth Chart

Briefly, before we get started, in order to make the best use of this article, it’ll help if you have your circular Birth Chart on hand. Charts from Co-Star and Cafe Astrology are not reliable Birth Charts because they are known to have discrepancies in degrees and house placements, which are incredibly important for this! If you don’t have it already, I HIGHLY recommend getting your birth chart from Astro.com, as it is what most professional Astrologers use! Now, onto the lesson. 

One: The Fame Degrees

When looking at your birth chart, look at the degrees your Personal Placements and your MC/10th House (which is what you’re known for) are in. Your Personal Placements are your: Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Your planets, Saturn through Pluto, and the Asteroids are not Personal Planets because they are Generational, so many people have the exact same planets in those signs and degrees.

Here are what the Personal Placements represent:

  • Sun — Your Personality
  • Moon — Your Emotions
  • Ascendant — Your Presentation
  • Mercury — Your Words
  • Venus — Your Creativity
  • Mars — Your Ambition/Power
  • Jupiter — Your Knowledge/Success.

So when looking at your Personal Placements, look at what degree your planet is in. According to Serbian Astrologer, Nikola Stojanovic’s degree theory (which has been deemed reputable by many professional Astrologers, including @ijaadee on Twitter — who popularized the topic), 5°, 17°, and 29° are all considered Leo degrees, or, “the degrees of fame.”

“Why are Leo degrees considered fame degrees?” 

Leo rules over the idea of fame because the sign represents glamour, attention, and adoration. Leo energy tends to have a lot of eyes trained on it, regardless of how much they’d actually want it. Because Leo is also ruled by the Sun, it is an energy that people readily notice without much effort. 

So with a personal placement at 5, 17, and 29 degrees in your chart, it shows what you are likely to get attention for. 5° is considered to be short term fame, while 17° and 29° are considered to be long-term.

As an example, let’s look at the chart of our Lord and Savior, Tracee Ellis Ross.

The talented, the beautiful, the Girlfriend, Tracee Elliss Ross is a perfect representation of the fame indicator by degree example. 

As you can see, Tracee Ellis Ross has both her Moon and Venus at fame degrees — 17° and 29°, respectfully. Which, in addition are both considered long-term fame degrees.

Taking a closer look, Tracee’s Venus is in Virgo at 29° in her 5th house. Among many other things, Tracee is most known (29°) for her creative/acting (Venus/5th house correlation) work (Virgo) and the fact that she is purposely (Virgo) and publicly (29°) single, while not being shy about playing the field (5th House). This placement and degree is indicative of Tracee Ellis Ross’s long career in the entertainment industry. Tracee has been around for a while, acting in various shows and movies, and for the foreseeable future, she isn’t going anywhere.

In addition, what I find even more interesting is that Tracee Ellis Ross has her Moon in the 4th house at 17°. This is interesting because the Moon in Astrology represents the mother — so does the 4th house. So by this interpretation, if we didn’t already know Tracee Ellis Ross’s familial background, we could gather that Tracee’s mom is someone famous or well-known — and she is. Tracee Ellis Ross’s mom is none other than the esteemed and legendary performer Diana Ross.

Also, the Moon can represent what you inherit or pick up from your mother. So with Tracee Ellis Ross’s Moon being at 17° in the 4th House — and in Leo, no less — we can see that Tracee’s fame is in part due to her mega-famous mother. Diana passed her fame down to Tracee Ellis Ross. In contrast, one of Diana Ross’s other children, Evan Ross — most known for acting in the movie, ATL in 2006 — is famous, however, arguably, isn’t as well-known as Tracee is. So with both Tracee’s Moon and Venus being at long-term fame degrees (17° and 29°), if any of Diana Ross’s children were going to have lasting mega-stardom like she did, it was always going to be Tracee Ellis Ross.

Looking at another chart, let’s discus the degree of short-term fame — the 5°. Do you remember the singer, Amerie? 

Maybe this will help:

The talented Amerie was on everyone’s Summer playlist in 2005, with her hit single “1 Thing.” The song was even shown on the soundtrack of the Will Smith movie, Hitch, without actually being in the movie. However, not long after the song became a success, Amerie quietly slipped off the face of the Earth. 

Let’s look at her chart. 

In Amerie’s Birth Chart, you can see that she has no placement in a fame degree, except for her Rising Sign in Aquarius at 5°. 

The signs Leo and Aquarius are opposites, meaning, where Leo is a sign that naturally gets attention, Aquarius doesn’t. It has to work for the attention it gets. Aquarius tends to gain that attention by being different and innovative. 

Amerie, when she first came out on the music scene with “1 Thing,” it was arguably the first time Go-Go Pop was infused into mainstream music. 

Though there is much debate about whether Beyoncé or Amerie put out music with that production style first, we aren’t discussing that here.

In Amerie’s Chart, with her Rising Sign (representing what she presents herself as), being in Aquarius at 5°, she basically made herself known in the Pop and RnB worlds for being different. But, as you can see, Amerie is no longer at the same level of fame she once was, and that was because her music stopped being different. Later, after her first mainstream hit, many different musical artists came out with songs that were similar in production style, and as Amerie didn’t continue being innovative, she soon fell off and was only known for that “1 Thing.” 

Even though she is “technically” still famous, she is not at that same level of fame, which is why 5° is considered short-term fame. In order for her to possibly be on that level again, she’d have to do something else new, that no one else is doing right now. Will she be able to do it? Will it last this time? Only time will tell. But with that Aquarius Rising, if she really wants it, she will have to really work hard for it.

For you, look at your Personal Placements in you chart. Do you have any placements at 5°, 17°, or 29°? If so, think about how you can best utilize that placement to acquire the kind of fame you want. Use the zodiac sign, house placement and degree for a clue. 

Two: The Household Name Degree

With 5°, 17°, and 29° all being fame degrees, let’s talk about the degree of being a household name — 28°. 

I personally enjoy this degree because not only does it work for birth charts, it works for Numerology as well. More on that later. 

28° is a Cancer degree. Cancer rules over the mother, the home, what you’re comfortable with, and familiarity, it becomes the degree of the Household name. Once again this applies only to your Personal Placements (Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) and MC/10th House (which is what you’re known for).

Before examining the next chart, let’s go back to Amerie’s really quickly. Amerie doesn’t have a long-lasting fame degree in her chart, but she does have her MC at 28° — the household name degree. What this means is even though she is no longer considered “famous,” she is still found to be a regular topic of discussion. Her name is still familiar and is brought up every few years because people want to know what happened to her fame. This illustrates the stark difference between the fame and household name degrees. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Birth Chart of “She-Who-Shall-ONly Be-Named-In-This-Article, Kim Kardashian (*internal groan. Yeah, I know. I know.).

Interestingly enough, Kim is one of those people I mentioned earlier who was destined to become famous. See all those circles in her chart? She has fame degrees on top of Household Name degrees. 

Kim’s Sun is at 28° in the 11th House. Just like the Moon represents the mother and what you inherit from her, the Sun represents the father and what you inherit from him. 

Kim’s dad, Robert Kardashian, while not “technically” famous in the traditional sense, was widely known as the lawyer for the infamous O.J. Simpson. During the time of the case, those who didn’t know about him became aware and households (28°) across the country, across the world learned about O.J. Simpson’s case and his team of lawyers. And with the 11th house representing groups and teams, an interpretation of Kim’s Sun: Kim Kardashian’s father (Sun) became a household name (28°) for being on the lawyer team (11th House) that allowed O.J. Simpson to go free.

In addition, Kim’s Moon is in Pisces at 28° in the 3rd House, which shows that her mom is also a household name. With the moon being in the 3rd house (which rules over siblings), her siblings are also considered household names. 

Lastly, Kim has her MC/10th House in Virgo at 28°. The MC/10 House is your reputation, the public, your career, and what you’re known for. Virgo represents the specific, the tiny details of things. With Kim’s MC being in Virgo at 28°, it indicates that Kim Kardashian’s reputation (MC) as a household name (28°) came after something specific (Virgo) happened. Jupiter is also there next to the MC. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so it enlarges everything it touches. Once Kim’s reputation changed, the change spread widely, thus the resulting household discussions about it. We all know what happened, so I’m sure it’s not something I need to discuss here. However, if you’d like to look into it further, it can also be represented by her North Node (soul’s purpose) in the 8th house (sexuality/intimacy), in Leo at 17°.

So when I say some people are destined to be famous, I mean Kim Kardashian definitely was. I say that she was destined for fame because she has five different indications in her chart saying she would be famous for something. Even if what transpired didn’t, there would’ve been something else that sky-rocketed her to stardom. 

The last thing I’ll say about the 28° is, the reason why this is the only Cancer degree that indicatesc a household name — rather than 4° or 16° is because in Numerology, 28 represents extreme wealth. A few examples: Bill Gates and Elon Musk were both born on the 28th (October and June), Steve Job’s Life Path Number adds up to 28 as well, before being broken down to a one. 

With that said, the added energy of 28 being a number of wealth is what makes 28° the degree of being a household name, it amplifies it. 

Three: The The MC — Reputation

As stated above, the 10 House/MC is your reputation, your career, the public, and what you’re known for. Outside of fame placements and indications, if you want an insight to the kind of reputation you have look at your MC/10th House for a clue. 

Now, as far as the MC goes, you’ll want to look for a few things:

  1. It being in a fame or household name degree, as above with Kim’s at 28° in Virgo.

  2. The Zodiac Sign your MC/10th House starts in.

  3. Your Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) here or your North Node (soul’s purpose) here. This will give further insight into what exactly you’d be known for. 

  4. Look at where the ruler of your MC/10th House is and what degree it is in. 

Because the fame and household name degrees have been discussed, let’s start with the Zodiac Signs. 

Zodiac Signs:

The most beneficial signs to have your MC/10th House in re Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo. Leo because, naturally Leo gets attention, and to get attention for your reputation is perfect for the possibility of fame. Aquarius, because so often Aquarians are known for being innovators, so being known for being different is beneficial. You’d also want Scorpio here because Scorpio rules over sexuality and extremes. So having this placement would mean you’d be known for your sex appeal, and would indicate the possibility of extreme fame. However, with Scorpio here, there’d be periods of extreme fame and extreme hate (Nicki Minaj has her MC in Scorpio, as an example). 

The Planets: 

The most important planet to have in the 10th House would be the Sun. Your Sun at the simplest explanation represents your personality. So, your Sun being in the 10th House would indicate that you are best known for your personality. In addition, any planets in your 10th house want to be seen, want to be known. Here is a list of what each planet/placement in the 10th wants to be known for:

  • Sun — Your Personality
  • Moon — Your Emotions
  • Mercury — Your Words
  • Venus — Your Creativity
  • Mars — Your Ambition/Power
  • Jupiter — Your Knowledge/Success.
  • North Node — Your Soul’s Purpose

Any of these planets/placements in your 10th don’t necessarily indicate fame, but they tell you what the public knows about you.

The most beneficial non-Personal Placement to have in the 10th House is your North Node. That is because since it is in the 10th, your goal in this lifetime if to become known for your efforts. The sign and degree shed more light onto this. 

The Birth Chart we’ll be looking at to examine this point is that of none other than the Queen herself, Beyoncé. 

I stated above that Beyoncé was someone who was destined to be famous. 

I say this because Beyoncé’s Mars and North Node are both in Leo and conjunct each other in the 10th House. 

‘Conjunct’ refers to an aspect between two planets or objects that occurs when they are within 5° of each other. Beyoncé’s Mars and North Node are at 1 and 0 degrees, respectfully, making the conjunction only 1° apart. When a conjunction happens between planets/astrological objects, the energies of the planets are combined.

“So what does this mean?”

This means that Beyoncé’s ambition and soul’s purpose were melded together. Leo Mars is considered to be the placement of performers and star power because while people do the action (Mars) of performing (Leo), they attract (Mars) attention (Leo). In addition, Mars represents what attracts people to you. Beyoncé’s Leo Mars gave her the star power necessary to stand out and attract attention, while her North Node shows her soul’s path to success. 

Both being in the 10th House indicates the public readily notices Beyoncé for her star power, which is why she arguably stood out the most while she was in Destiny’s Child — despite both Michelle and Kelly having Leo energies. IN addition, Beyoncé’s Mars is at 1°, an Aries degree. People often referred to Beyoncé as the leader (1°) of Destiny’s Child, and also when she became a solo (1°) artist, Beyoncé’s star power increased. Beyoncé’s actions (Mars) to become a famous (Leo) solo artist (1°) and known (MC/10th House) for her performances (Leo Mars) was directly part of her soul’s path (North Node).

The Ruler of the MC/10th House:

Another interesting thing in your chart to check for is the ruler of the MC/10th House. 

Looking at Beyoncé’s chart again, we see that her MC is in the sign of Cancer. In Astrology, you can look to see where the different rulers of signs are to gain further insight on the person’s chart. 

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. So, if we look to see where Beyoncé’s Moon is, we’ll find that it is in Scorpio in the 2nd House at 20°. 

The 2nd House represents wealth and possessions. With Beyoncé’s Moon being the ruler of her MC/10th House, it can be inferred that Beyoncé is known for her wealth. Her Moon being in Scorpio and at a Scorpio degree (20°) can indicate her being known for her extreme wealth (compared to other celebrities who are still living). However my favorite interpretation is she is known for her secrecy, as Scorpio is an extremely secretive sign, and there’s a double influence of it on her Moon (in both sign and degree). Also, with Cancer and the Moon ruling over emotions, Beyoncé is also known for her emotional performances. 

When looking at your own chart for these signs and placements in the MC/10th House, remember to ask yourself what you’d want to be known for. If you have any of the above placements, think about how best to utilize them to achieve your desired goal. 

In addition, here’s a list of people with different Personal Planets in the 10th House. Do you recognize the names? If so, see if you can figure out what they specifically became known for and see how you can model your own path in a similar-yet unique way. 

  • The most notable celebrities with Sun in the 10th House are: Chris Brown (Singer), Jack Nicholson (Actor), Al Pacino (Actor).

  • Moon in the 10th House: Celine Dion (Singer), Bill Gates (Inventor), Adele (Singer).

  • Venus in the 10th House: Nicole Kidman (Actress), Johnny Depp (Actor), Kanye West (Rapper), Tyler Perry (Film Maker).

  • Mercury in the 10th House: Marilyn Monroe (Actress), Lady Gaga (Singer), Christina Aguilera (Singer).

  • Mars in the 10th House: Selena Gomez (Actress), Eminem (Rapper), Elvis Presley (Singer). 

  • Jupiter in the 10th House: Angelina Jolie (Actress), Bob Marley (Singer), Steve Jobs (Inventor).

Four: The 11th House — Cult Following

Since the 10th House/MC deals with the Public, the 11th house deals with large groups, humanity, followers, and the internet/online community. Having planets here, especially Venus and Jupiter indicates that you are positively received by large amounts of people and/or are largely received well online. It also indicates you amassing a large following of people. 

For this example, we’ll examine the insanely beautiful, Rihanna’s Chart. 

Rihanna has a Pisces Sun at 1° in her 11th house, along with her Retrograde Aquarius Mercury at 13°.

If you notice, both Rihanna’s Sun and Mercury are at Aries degrees. Planets at Aries degrees indicates energies that start something or introduce something, as Aries is the leader of the zodiac. In addition, Rihanna’s Mercury is in Aquarius, which is an innovative sign. So with Mercury here, Rihanna was introduced (13°) to the masses (11th House) as a singer (Mercury) with a unique sound (Aquarius ) i.e.,— her accent. After her dropping eight albums, that experimented with her image and sound, it resulted in her gaining quite a bit of attention and a large following, dubbed “the Navy.” 

However, even with this large cult-following, things aren’t always great because in an interview posted last year, Rihanna is a little apprehensive about the demands of The Navy. 

Because the 11th House represents large followings, think about your placements and try to identify ways you could use your placements to gain a following. Some examples to compare: 

  • Celebrities with their Sun in the 11th House: Victoria Beckham (Singer/Model), Tyler Perry (Film Maker), Marilyn Monroe (Actress), Anne Hathaway (Actress).

  • Moon in the 11th House: Oprah Winfrey (host), George Clooney (Actor), Keanu Reeves (Actor). 

  • Mercury in the 11th House: Zayn Malik (Singer), Donald Trump, Cher (Singer)

  • Venus in the 11th House: Martin Luther King Jr (Activist), Nicki Minaj (Rapper), Heath Ledger (Actor)

  • Mars in the 11th House: Prince Harry (Prince), Chris Brown (Singer), Bruce Lee (Actor)

  • Jupiter in the 11th House: Frida Kahlo (Artist), Prince (Performer), Will Ferrell (Actor)

In all of the examples listed above, these celebrities have large amounts of people who idolize them — some for good reasons, some for terrible. When thinking about how to utilize your traits in your chart to attract followers, take special care to figure out what you want people to follow you for. 

And with that, that’s the end of this article. This is not, however, all the indicators of fame. These are just the most popular. Again, just because you don’t see some of these in your chart, doesn’t mean you can’t. And even if you do see these in your chart, you have to have just the right circumstance to make it work for you.

Also, everyone in the article did something to be famous.  So just having these placements in your chart won’t make you famous, you have to do something.

If you’d like to delve into this more, you can order a birth chart reading from me! In it, you will be given a Full Birth Chart Reading, a Soul’s Purpose reading, and the chance to ask three questions about your birth chart. If you were to ask about fame (for example), I’d list all the indicators present on your chart (not just what’s in this article) and the best way to go about achieving it for yourself. All of this will be in a 10+ page PDF document that be emailed to you. Order your Birth Chart reading here!

Otherwise, thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section below. I love you and thank you for reading!

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