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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a database that holds detailed descriptions of every feeling, action, and energetic imprint that has existed across the galaxies, across the universe, across lifetimes. Some mention it as a Library of Memories, The Great Library, or, as the Bible has referred to it: The Book of Life. All are correct.

Located deep within the Heart space of a person, the Akashic Records is a place where information is kept, guarded, and transmitted. It is a database that holds the history of your soul and every decision it has made during its lifespan across millenia. This information does not belong to any one religion, culture, or species. It does not discriminate and it does not judge. Once accessed, the information is channeled through trusted sources (practitioners and otherwise) that would then convey the information exactly as communicated.

The Akasha has existed long before humans and will continue to do so for the expanse of time as it transcends all space and time. Think of it as a search engine where you are able to ask anything and receive an answer in its truest form – without worry of bias, judgement, or opinion. You can ask a question as simple as: “How do I drive a car?” to: “What is the purpose of my soul’s incarnation on Earth?” to even: “What was my life like in another lifetime?” These questions can expand and contract to as big or small as you can imagine and the answers may even surprise you, because even though the answers are sometimes simple (but oftentimes, complex), the vibration the answers carry contain an undeniable level of Truth within their essence. Even if you deny the Akasha as a practice, an entity, a source, they will always exist, they will always spread their Truth. They will always seek to reveal the Truth to and through others.

What makes the Akashic Records different from other Spiritual Modalities?

What makes the Akasha different from other spiritual modalities such as tarot or intuitive readings is that there is nothing left up for interpretation. Their communication is very clear, precise, and direct. Where in tarot, the reader would interpret a card in their own way, the Akashic Records relays information to you exactly as it exists in your Records. The way you hear the information is exactly the way you need to receive it in order to understand and process it fully. Where intuitive services are often subjective and based on feeling, the Akashic Records are a recording of information conveyed in a way that leaves little doubt, if any. It reveals the Truth in any question, a Truth that resonates deeply within the soul of each client.

What is your Truth and how would you like it to be revealed to you?

What kind of information is available to me in a session?

Essentially, anything you can think of…with exceptions. There are rules. The Records will only reveal information to you as it pertains to your soul’s incarnation. As in, the Records will not violate another person’s consent in order to bring you information that does not pertain to you. It can answer a question such as: “How does my relationship with my mother reflect in my love life?” but the Records will not answer: “What is my coworker’s life purpose?” The latter question will not be answered because it does not pertain to you specifically.

In addition, once connected to the Akashic Records, you will only be given information pertaining to what you ask about. You asking about the color of an apple would only get results about said apple. You will not get information about motorcycles, unless somehow related to the question about the apple. Because of this, it’s important to thoroughly think through the question you ask. Also, any questions asked with ill-intent will go unanswered.

Lastly, the Record’s intent in sharing any information with you is to expand your soul’s consciousness. So you will only receive answers that you are currently ready to integrate that will help you in expanding. Think about it this way: There are essentially levels to the amount and type of information you can access, so any two sessions will be completely different from each other (but, they will be aligned with each other). Think of it as an elevator where you are only able to get off on the floor assigned to you. However, the more you grow and expand, the higher the floor you can access and the deeper the information you will receive. It’s good to note: you will not receive information that would harm you or would jeopardize your physical or spiritual safety. Also, because their understanding of human nature is vast, if there are surprises coming up for you, it also will not reveal those (think: gifts, proposals, etc)!

On somewhat rare occasions, there are times when Records will not answer your questions. This could be a sign of your energy not being ready to integrate the information, your soul not ready to receive the energy from the Records, or even misaligned intent. If this happens, the Practitioner will inform you of the reasons why. (I’ll be honest…this happened to me on my VERY FIRST SESSION! The few questions I had dutifully prepared beforehand went unanswered and instead, I was given advice on how to ease my soul’s suffering so I could be able to open up my energy to receive and Trust the Akashic energy. Though my questions went unanswered in that session, I received deeply invaluable advice that has changed my entire life – and it is the sole reason I still decided to become a Practitioner, despite the rejection. Not all rejection is bad. Their’ s certainly isn’t. It changed my life for the better.)

Who am I talking to in the Akashic Records?

When you are in an Akashic Records Session, you can sometimes be speaking with an Akashic Records Keeper. The Keeper helps with relaying information that pertains to your question directly to the Practitioner. The Keeper’s identity is always anonymous, with bodies and faces hidden beneath cloaks and hoods. They will never reveal their identities simply because it is not important to the fulfilment of their work. The Keepers are beings who are dedicated to Keeping and Protecting the Truth. They access the information you are permitted to learn in any given session and convey it to the Practitioner. They’re the ones who would prevent you from accessing certain information that would not benefit you to know.

On most occasions, you will speak with Masters. Masters are Beings of Light that have never been human, but who have chosen to work with you throughout your soul’s many different lifetimes. They will have the most contact with you in the Records, as they have helped you design your incarnation’s experience as a human.

Sometimes, you will meet with a Teacher. A Teacher is a being who has mastered a certain lesson that you are currently working through. So, when you ask about a lesson you are currently learning, the appropriate Teacher answers. Likewise, when you learn a lesson, the correlating Teacher moves on. Teachers can be Beings of Light, or they may have lived a life as a human, or they may never have lived at all. They do not reveal their identities. But think: Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ, Light Being, etc.

On other occasions, you can also speak with Loved Ones. Loved Ones are essentially be people, entities, or animals who you were once related to in past lives (not current), who have agreed to aid you in your soul’s journey through its current incarnation.

What can I expect during a session?

During each session with a Practitioner, the Client is accessing a different section of their Akashic Records. What this means is your first reading will be completely different from your thirteenth! This is made possible because each time your Records is accessed, your personal Akashic Records Keeper collects the information you are intending to inquire about. The state of your consciousness changes between each session (even day to day) so that with each session, you’ll be able to either learn more about a particular subject or be introduced to another one entirely. That’s what makes getting these readings so exciting!

As far as what you can expect from the process, a General Akashic Records Session begins with the Practitioner leading the client through a grounding exercise. This exercise is usually not Akashic in nature, but serves to make sure that during the session of being connected to the Akasha, there are no interferences or confusion. Grounding helps to make sure the client is ready for the vibrational shift needed to access their Records.

After Grounding, the Practitioner would Connect the clients to the Akasha, followed by reciting a Pathway Prayer to open the client’s Records. This process usually takes around 15 minutes, more or less. During this process, the client’s energy is being cleared, cleansed, and purified to raise its vibration in order to access the information within the Records safely, properly, and easily. The client may feel lighter, calmer, and more at peace with themselves. Slight dizziness can occur as well, which is why it is recommended to wait at least an hour after the session before operating any heavy machinery.

Once Connected, you can ask your questions, while the Practitioner recites the channeled information. This is the fun part, as you’ll be able to have direct access to your Records Keeper through the Practitioner. You’ll be able to ask your questions, respond, or even ask follow up questions to clarify. Remember, this is a session for you to make sure you understand what is being said, so don’t be afraid to ask for more information if needed. Sessions usually last about an hour, but they can last less and on occasion, last longer up to 90 minutes). Either way, you’ll be receiving exactly what it is you need to know. Sidenote: It is highly recommended that you bring water and items to take notes.

After the session ends, there will be a prayer to close and it is suggested that you drink water.

An Akashic Records Clearing is much like the General Session, but instead of the question portion, we would discuss any karmic energetic agreements that are advantageous for you to clear. An energetic agreement is essentially a karmic agreement you’ve committed to experience in order to learn from it and expand. Sometimes, as humans, these energetic agreements become too difficult to learn from and expand past. They can be the reason for our issues with money, love, career, stress, parents, etc. So this session is designed to pinpoint the agreement that would benefit you the most to clear and once identified, the Akashic Records writes a new agreement for you that will replace this agreement. This old energetic agreement will be cleared, while the new agreement will replace it. This session requires you to be aware of any agreements you might like to clear. If you don’t know for sure, don’t worry, the Records will suggest something for you. It’s also important to have a place to lie down for a portion of this reading.

After the session ends, there will be a prayer to close and it is suggested that you drink water.

An Akashic Records Healing is like the Clearing session except instead of removing old agreements, we identify a wounding that informs certain behaviors, identify the origin, and conduct a healing session so that you’re able to move on with your life. This is ideal for those who have triggers, traumas, and woundings that are hard to let go of. These include: mother woundings, inner child woundings, relationship to money woundings, father woundings, etc. This one is pretty emotionally impactful, as this has an integration period and afterward, it feels like the same wounding doesn’t hurt any more. Also, you’ll start making different choices as well (example: father wounding healing usually leads to breakups of some sort. if not, then some sort of career refocus or change). It is important to have a place to lie down for this reading.

Akashic Creative Development is a session where you, in conjunction with the records, plan out and curate a personal project to bring it into fruition. They will give advice geared toward helping with creating, developing, and marketing the creative project that aligns with you.

How do I prepare for my reading?

  • It is important not to consume alcohol or recreational drugs for up to 24 hours before your reading. Also, it is important not to operate heavy machinery for up to an hour before your reading.
  • You can also prepare by drinking water before, during, and after the reading. Water helps the information flow through more freely. It is encouraged for you to bring a cup of water with you to drink.
  • Bring a pen/pencil and a notepad to write down the information you will receive.
  • Have the questions or concerns you’d like addressed prepared beforehand. That way, we can be sure that what you want addressed will be.
  • Be ready and able to sit somewhere comfortable and quiet for an hour and up to an hour and a half. It is best to sit in a chair so that you can rest your feet flat on the floor (this is needed for the grounding exercise).
  • Relax and get excited! This is a reading unlike one you’ve experienced before!

What are the best questions to ask?

My best advice would be to ask questions that would allow you to see yourself in a new light. I would avoid yes or no questions in favor of questions that pertain to what you’re currently dealing with or questions that serve to reveal things previously unnoticed by you. My favorite question to ask is: “What circumstances that I was previously unaware of are currently hindering my progress or emotional fulfilment?” You can ask this or other questions more closely geared toward what you want to know.

In addition, any questions in regards to health, or that would help you tap into creative flow, or would address a deep level of healing are all good questions to ask.

Are there any “bad” or “dumb” questions?

No. You want to know what you want to know. With this said, it’s important to note that there are questions the Records will not answer. These are questions that violate another person’s privacy/consent or questions that are asked with ill-intent. Time-related questions may result in a roundabout answer because time doesn’t exist to the Akashic Records. They may tell you “{blank} will happen in June.” But…it’s June two years from now. Also, some questions that you may deem as “dumb” can garner deeply profound answers. Be confident in what you want to know.

How do I know the information I receive is true?

You can ask for proof. You can ask the Records to prove that what they say to you is true.

Can I access the Akashic Records on my own?

Yes! You can. I started off by getting one Akashic Records Session, and because I was so drawn to the energy, I decided to take a course to learn to read it for myself, then a few years later, I took a course to learn to read it for others! I currently do not offer classes for this, but in case you’d like to take a course, I took both of my courses here. Even as a full Practitioner, I still recommend booking Akashic Sessions, because even after conducting my own personal readings for two years now, I am still blown away by what other Practitioners are able to channel for me. Other Practitioners are able to channel things that we ourselves often overlook when channeling. Having a good mix of both ensures you get the whole picture.

Are you convinced yet?

Listen, there’s only so much that can be said about the Akashic Records in words. This is something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. The first session I ever received impacted my life for years afterward (4 years so far and counting). Through my proximity to the Records and following their advice, I’ve established my Astrology business, I wrote and self-published two poetry books, I went viral for my poetry and articles I’ve written (multiple times), I’ve directed and produced six short films – one of which won a short film contest, and last but NOT least, I’ve completely changed my life around for the better. Seriously. I was in therapy for 4 years and this practice has granted me a light inside of me that will never be extinguished. I strongly encourage you to step confidently into your journey to your soul’s expansion through getting your first (or even 7th) Akashic Records Reading. If you’d like to book, you can do so by following this link (click here). More Sessions coming soon!

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to speaking with you soon. I love you.

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